About us

Our team is Alexandra (mother) and Alex (son).

Alexandra founded Almyra in 2010 and Alex became a partner in 2018.

Alexandra is half Greek from western Crete and half Norwegian from Bergen (born and partly raised in the USA). She is fluent in Norwegian, English and Greek, and has lived many years on Crete. Norway is her home, but she has kept close ties to Greece. Her background is currency trading, import and whole sale of interior décor items, as well as real estate sales & development / housing construction on Crete. Since childhood, Alexandra has traveled and spent innumerable time on western Crete. She knows this part of the island like the back of her hand, and it never ceases to amaze her.

Alex has a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration, and has previously been employed by NextGenTel. He also speaks fluently Norwegian, Greek and English, and has in-depth knowledge of Crete. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing football, surfing, climbing, sailing, and skiing. Alex will assist you in providing unforgettable memories along the beach, sea, and mountains of this beautiful island which he loves so much. He is also well-acquainted with the other popular islands in Greece, and has visited many of the lesser known islands of the Aegean. Alex will in addition offer you that little bit of extra good service, and ensure that you are well taken care of during your holiday.

Whilst working with Almyra we both commute between Bergen and Crete most of the year.

The properties you see on Almyra have been chosen by us with care, having in mind what we ourselves would enjoy if we were to rent a holiday home. All are beautiful properties, each one with its own charm and attraction. Some are located in the countryside close to great beaches; others have a more central location in villages with shops and restaurants nearby.

Both of us believe that the wonderful experiences of nature and people on Crete just continue to get better and better. Paros / Antiparos and Mykonos are islands we also enjoy very much. We have both vacationed several times on these islands and continue looking forward to returning to them.

We wish you a brilliant holiday!

Best regards from Alexandra & Alex

Contact us on +47  92633944 or +47  98620566 and villa@almyra.no